Update XI

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Update XI

Post by Gabriel Xavier » Tue Jan 26, 2016 3:08 pm

January 2016 ~ Update XI

"Always advance straight ahead, following the Party!"

NationStates Region ~ Regional Forum ~ Anthem

WA Delegate: Tommy Winter
WA Delegate Endorsements: 238
WA Endorsement Percentage: 71.9%
WA Member Percentage: 33.4%
Regional Population: 1,041
[center] [hr][/hr][b][color=red]The People's Executive[/color][/b] [hr][/hr][b][color=darkblue]General Secretary:[/color][/b] Josh Conure [b][color=blue]Premier:[/color][/b] Zenny Winter [b][color=blue]Founder:[/color][/b] Kovatsk [hr][/hr][b][color=red]The Cabinet[/color][/b] [hr][/hr][b][color=#ee4a2d]Minister of Foreign Affairs:[/color][/b] TBD [b][color=#ee4a2d]Minister of Immigration:[/color][/b] TBD [b][color=#ee4a2d]Minister of Information:[/color][/b] Atticus Stroemm [b][color=#ee4a2d]Minister of Culture:[/color][/b] Josie Farber [b][color=#ee4a2d]General of the PRAF:[/color][/b] Zenny Winter [b][color=#ee4a2d]Advocate General:[/color][/b]Phazon Winter[c][center] [hr][/hr][b][color=red]The Central Committee of the Workers’ Party[/color][/b] [hr][/hr][b][color=darkred]Vice Chairwoman of the Party:[/color][/b] Zenny Winter [b][color=#ee4a2d]Elected Members of the Committee[/color][/b] Comrade Pajapako Phazon Winter Svetlana Gagarina Gabriel Oakenfist Branden Schirpke Zenny Winter Josie Färber [hr][/hr][b][color=red]The People's Court[/color][/b][hr][/hr][b][color=#ee4a2d]Supreme Justice:[/color][/b] Aleksandr V. Severin [b][color=#ee4a2d]Criminal Magistrate:[/color][/b] Jone Winter [b][color=#ee4a2d]Appellate Judge:[/color][/b] Vacant [/center][/center]
[center] [b][big][big][big][big][big][big][big]NEW FORUM BOARD[/big][/big][/big][/big][/big][/big][/big][/b] [img]http://i.imgur.com/iKgeWi4.jpg[/img] [big][big][color=darkred]F[/color][/big]ollowing months of revolutionary struggle and the strong determination of the people to form the People’s Republic of The Communist Bloc into a more equal and united socialist front. It was decided that the People and the Party wanted and were deserving of a new space to more truly realize their limitless creativity and achieve their long-term aspirations. These efforts culminated on January 8, 2016 with the unveiling of TCBs new forum, bloc.red, which was created and designed by comrade Josh Conure over the course of a few weeks. This new board allows the people of the region significantly more customisation and is more user friendly, with many complimenting both the look and ease of use. The previous forum will be used solely for historical purposes to look back upon our people’s great socialist achievements and revolutionary struggle.[/big] [hr][/hr] [b][big][big][big][big][big][big][big]GENERAL SECRETARY CONURE[/big][/big][/big][/big][/big][/big][/big][/b] [img]http://i.imgur.com/uN6ngxY.jpg[/img] [big][big][color=darkred]A[/color][/big]fter a free and fair election, nobody was left surprised to learn that comrade Josh Conure had received the necessary mandate from the Workers’ Party, to form the next administration. General Secretary Conure was widely supported by the Party prior to his decision to run in the election, having achieved respect from the people for his dedication and loyalty to the People’s Republic, and tireless efforts in reforming the region and installing the new forum. Conure ran unopposed, receiving 79% of the vote, with 21% of the electorate choosing a ‘None of the Above’ option. As part of his new administration, Conure has adopted a new flag for the region, with symbolism of the September Revolution which still burns strong in the hearts of the workers. The new General Secretary was quick to promise a fruitful term stating “Not only am I eager about my administration, but I am also eager about benefits that the Bloc will gain very soon.” Conure appointed Colonel Aleksandr Severin as the Supreme Justice, and awaits the results of the Central Committee elections prior to making further appointments. With the overwhelming support, respect, and admiration of the people and their party, the region is extremely optimistic of this coming term. [img]http://i.imgur.com/HK3650e.png[/img] In the upper left sits the Party symbol, the three stars representing all branches of government under the Party, and the rising golden stripe represents the continued growth and glory of the region. [hr][/hr] [b][big][big][big][big][big][big]CENTRAL COMMITTEE ELECTIONS[/big][/big][/big][/big][/big][/big][/b] [img]http://i.imgur.com/VmEaD61.png[/img] [big][big][color=darkred]T[/color][/big]he results are in from the general party wide election for the Central Committee representatives. There are 7 seats within the Central Committee to be had, and Committee members are elected if they are within the top 7 highest polling candidates at the cessation of the election. There are 11 names on the ballot paper. 85 votes were cast in total with each elector being able to chose up to seven candidates. In total, 35 individual electors voted in this election. The result of the election was as follows: WINTER, Zenny A. - 31 votes WINTER, Phazon -25 votes OAKENFIST, Gabriel -23 votes COMRADE, Pajapako -17 votes GAGARINA, Svetlana -17 votes SCHIRPKE, Branden -15 votes These six individuals are duly elected to the Central Committee, to serve the term. A run-off election was held for the seventh seat between the following two individuals who tied for seventh place:- M.M. -9 votes FARBER, Josie -13 votes The Ministry of Foreign Affairs wishes a hearty congratulations to the victors and commiserations to those who were not elected this term; we wish them well in the weeks and months to follow in their legislative endeavours. [hr][/hr] [b][big][big][big][big][big]MAKING MILITARY HISTORY[/big][/big][/big][/big][/big][/b] [img]http://i.imgur.com/MwjyhKT.png[/img] [big][big][color=darkred]T[/color][/big]he People’s Revolutionary Armed Forces has experienced a string of successes and victories, advancing our region’s revolutionary cause and bringing honour and glory to the Party. After the official repeal of the Status of Forces Agreement with the Republic of Europeia, the PRAF saw a spike in recruitment and activity under native leadership, contributing significantly to multi-regional operations such as the legitimate occupation of St. Abbaddon. Filled with pride knowing that they serve the People’s Republic and advance our interests worldwide, our brave soldiers have conducted operations every single day for the entire month of January, setting a very high bar for the future of our armed forces and indeed military partners. Working closely with military forces from The Land of Kings and Emperors, Balder, Europeia, The Black Hawks and others, the PRAF took part in the largest occupation in NationStates history on January 16-18th occupying St. Abbaddon, a well established interregional battleground. Nearly 200 nations took part in the occupation, of which the People’s Republic contributed 2 commissioned officers, 6 enlisted soldiers and 2 volunteer militiamen. The men and women of the PRAF were honored to recieve both the Ribbon of St. Abbaddon made by the coalition leaders of the operation as well as a special medal created for the respected participants of the operation.[/big] [img]http://i1329.photobucket.com/albums/w541/KAWScott/TRR_zpseogjptuy.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/bYb7IpK.png[/img] [hr][/hr] [i]This Diplomatic Update is brought to you by the Foreign Ministry of The Communist Bloc[/i] [img]https://i.imgur.com/krg1dAO.png[/img] [/big][/big][/center][big][big] [/big][/big]

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Update XI

Post by Plagentine » Tue Jan 26, 2016 5:28 pm

Thanks for the update. It's been a pleasure piling alongside you in St A :D
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Update XI

Post by Crushing Our Enemies » Tue Jan 26, 2016 8:13 pm

I have a request for your fancy-schmancy new forum: add support for the [hr][/hr] tag! :P

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